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Interactive Display Systems

Do you find yourself having a hard time presenting your marketing material or critical information about your products and services? Are you looking for a solution that provides flexibility and convenience that is also easy to use? Well, you are in the right place!

Shifting through papers, dealing with multiple cords, plugs and devices is a headache. Consequently, this can ultimately make you and your business look sloppy and unprofessional. Additionally, fumbling around can make you stressed and overall creates an unideal situation.

Would touchscreen capability enhance your lobby display? What about adding touchscreens that are PPE friendly to the production floor, operating suite, etc.?

Interactive Display Systems provides a number of services that were built to make your life easier and to help you reach your marketing goals. From digital signage to on-the-go presentation setups we have a solution for you. In short, we will assist you getting your message out efficiently and effectively.

Our Solutions Include

Keeping up with technology is hard, especially if you are your companies main decision maker! CLOUD SCREEN SOFTWARE is great for a variety of industries because it provides you an opportunity to manage your content by configuring and deploying it remotely to any place, at any time.

If you are on the go or simply want a way to display your products and services to your customers in a fast, efficient way. The SHOW CASE, or Portable Monitor, is for you!


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Simplify your communication methods by getting rid of all the extra paper flyers, brochures and extra handouts by getting digital! IDS provides various solutions to create uniform messaging enterprise-wide on several device types. Convert lobby windows, doors, reception desks or even conference room tables into touchscreen solutions that will leave your employees and customers coming back for more!

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Being on the go is the name of the game in the sales industry. IDS has multiple solutions, including THE SHOW CASE™ which allows you to be setup and effectively communicating your message to potential customers in 90 seconds!

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Not all customers are built the same. Some may be ready to commit and some may need more time. Either way IDS has a solution for you allowing you to either promote to those already inside your store or to inform and educate those who are standing at your storefront. Easy and convenient methods make for an effortless transition from unknown to loyal customer!

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Interactive Display Systems provides cloud-based messaging that is displayable on digital bulletin boards. This cloud-based solution allows you to configure and deploy content remotely anytime, anywhere, and also deploy multiple content types simultaneously. Additional benefits to the education industry include the ability to convert TVs & monitors as well as glass & acrylic surfaces into touchscreens that are easy to clean and disinfect, and are PPE-friendly. Also providing a gateway to increased audiences and sponsorship opportunities for virtual events, and is a modern and innovative remedy for open houses and recruiting efforts.

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Providing a Cloud-based solution you are able to configure and deploy content remotely anytime, anywhere. Additional benefits include flexible screen layouts that allow you to display multiple content types simultaneously, the ability to convert existing monitors and glass surfaces to touch screens that are easy to clean & disinfect, and the ability to interact and enter data while wearing PPE.

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Providing a cloud-based solution that is easy to configure and can deploy content remotely anytime, anywhere. Our solutions furnish the ability to provide a uniform message enterprise-wide with flexible screen layouts that allow you to display multiple content types simultaneously. As a bonus, we can convert TVs and monitors, as well as glass surfaces, to touchscreens that allow you to interact while wearing PPE which is ever so important in today's day and age!

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If you are recruiting and attending trade shows or expos regularly, you need digital capabilities that are compact, durable and easy to use! IDS has a variety of solutions built just for you that allow you for ease of travel and 90 second setup. Being able to efficiently and effectively get your message seen and heard no matter the situation.

Digital Bulletin Boards – We chose IDS to design and launch a new digital bulletin board system for our facilities. During the process I was very pleased to learn that one of Jeff’s biggest qualities is his ability to listen and turn ideas into reality. I was very impressed at Jeff’s ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to problems.

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