Cloud Software

Our CLOUD SCREEN software is an IDS exclusive, one of a kind solution that has infinite application possibilities. Our number one priority is to provide you and your business, no matter the industry, a digital solution that makes your life easier. As well as keeps your customer informed and enables them to do business with you effortlessly.


This cloud-based solution can be used in combination with almost every other service provided by IDS. Popular application uses include:

TRUE Interactive Video Conferencing
Video conferencing | Websites | Multi layers to reveal 
Fully-loaded Demo
Web page | Form | Graphics | YouTube Playlist | Slideshow 
School Competition Demo
Scrolling banner | Slideshow| Live Streaming| Sponsor

See view more demos click here.

Take Your Business to the Cloud

CLOUD SCREEN™ software is great for a variety of industries because it provides you an opportunity to manage your content by configuring and deploying it remotely to any place, at any time! It is flexible with multiple screen layouts including desktops, interactive glass, TVs, phones, tablets, and more. An additional bonus is you can have multiple types of content presenting simultaneously, which really gives your customers or employees an all-in-one visual without having to click through multiple web pages or flip through sheets of paper! Click here to view examples of CLOUD SCREEN™!

Keeping up with technology is hard, especially if you are your companies main decision-maker. Give the experts at IDS a call so we can take the worry off your shoulders and transport your business into the digital future!


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