Interactive Glass

Interactive glass is our signature process for transforming glass or acrylic surfaces into touch screens. This cutting-edge technology can set your business apart. Incorporating our CLOUD SCREEN software creates a space for these interactive solutions to present important information about your businesses sales, promotions, company newsletters and updates, as well as much more!

Interactive Solutions for Every Industry

You may be wondering what benefit you would gain or what use you would have for interactive glass solutions. We have something for everyone and recommend you giving us a call to find out exactly how we can customize our product to benefit you and your customers or employees the most. Our solutions span a plethora of industries and include applications such as:

  • Medical – Touchscreen Overlays or Suites and Patient Rooms
  • Industrial – Lobby and Break Room Displays, as well as Touchscreens Overlays for Production Floor Control Systems
  • Retail – Interactive Portals, Promotional Sign-ups, and Notifications
  • Corporate – Lobby Displays and Conference Room Table Collaboration Portals
  • And More!

Interactive glass can also be utilized in vehicle windows and clean rooms. Add interactive mirrors to lobbies, product displays, rec rooms, vanities – you name it!

Why Interactive Glass?

Once the glass and software are set up your possibilities are endless! Interactive glass provides a fast and cost-effective alternative to smart boards and provides options for tv-based as well as projection-based solutions. Additionally, they are always easy to clean and disinfect and you can interact with them while wearing PPE.

Want to learn more about how interactive glass can take your business into the next century? Contact us today so we can begin customizing your vision!


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Transforming monitors and TVs, as well as clean room walls or other glass & acrylic surfaces, to touch screens that are easy to clean and disinfect, and allow interaction/control/data entry while wearing PPE. Lobby and meeting room displays can be converted to touch screens to enhance visitor and team experiences.

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Interactive glass finds a plethora of applications in healthcare, such as wayfinding systems, visitor portals, and lobby displays. More importantly, the benefits in the or suite and patient rooms of being able to convert TVs and standard monitors to touch screens that are PPE-friendly and easily of cleaned & disinfected can make IDS’ interactive glass technology a true lifesaver.

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Educators can transform ordinary glass and acrylic surfaces, as well as TVs and standard monitors, into multi-touch interactive portals for learning and creating. Whether utilized in fine arts classrooms, laboratories, or as an interactive portal at the media and information center, Interactive glass provides a powerful and lower-cost alternative to conventional touch screens. The ease of cleaning & disinfecting, as well as being PPE-friendly, make IDS’ interactive glass technology the clear winner


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