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Media Conversion

Bring your old media into the modern era with media conversion by IDS. Digital technology is constantly innovating! For this reason, we’ll ensure you can see, use, and play your old media on any new-age digital platform, allowing you to preserve your memories and history for years to come.

Don’t lose your history to changing technology! Convert your historical media and marketing artifacts into relevant digital formats.

We’ll bring your old media back to life!

Media conversion applications include:

  • Updating Your Companies Training & Marketing Materials
  • Restore Old Recordings of Your Children or Ancestors
  • Convert Favorite Old Movies and Music
  • And More!

We can convert a several types of media that include:

  • Video Tapes
  • Audio Tapes
  • Reels
  • Old Photos
  • Slides
  • Photo Negatives
  • Click here to view some examples!

Contact IDS today to bring your media back to life and enjoy your most precious items for years to come!


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