Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet the IDS team! We have several years of experience in the corporate and small business worlds. We cannot wait to meet you and help you bring your company and brand into the digital future!

Jeff Siler

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CEO & Founder. Jeff is an innovator, inventor and out of the box thinker. His passions for faith, family, country, fishing and music inspires him to make the world a better place. His education and 18 year career of problem solving as a PhD in Chemical Engineering prepared him to use his skill and talent to help others share their business and expertise in a new way. His multimedia business began in 2005 and has evolved over the years to create unique digital displays.

Sherri Siler

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Sherri has a strong background in customer service, sales and marketing. She has a passion for helping others and a strong attention to detail. She loves being involved in fundraising events for non-profit agencies. As the CFO, Sherri brings these skills to the team in the roles of project management oversight and bookkeeping.


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