Portable Monitor

The Portable Monitor, also known as THE SHOW CASE an IDS exclusive, is a convenient and portable solution that will help you reach your marketing goals.

If you attend and or lead:

  • Expos
  • Trainings
  • Recruiting Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Parties
  • Conferences

Then THE SHOW CASE™ is for you! Not only is the case a rugged alternative to laptops and TVs. It is also customizable and can be set up and ready to use in less than 90 seconds! The SHOW CASE™ can be paired with our CLOUD SCREEN™ software to enable you to customize the screen layout. You can also deploy the content remotely – anytime, anywhere!

If you are on the go or simply want a way to display your products and services to your customers in a fast, efficient way – reach out to the team at IDS to learn more!


hand on monitor
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